Hi Sandy,

I just want to let you know I love my moisturizer Silk Radiance Moisturizer.
It's the nicest thing I put on my skin in a long time! - Lori Smith, Hauppauge, NY


Hello Sandy,

I really enjoy using all the products that I'd purchased directly online. I received my order pretty fast -thumbs up!! I love each & every item I ordered. Organic Exfoliating Cleanser, Botanical Acne Cleanser, Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser, Acne moisturizer, Antioxidant Endorphin Serum, Grapefruit Herbal Blemish Astringent.

Sandy, your efforts spent formulating products definitely did not go wasted. I can see that you're someone who has high standards & expectations. And it is this positive and caring determination that brings about great products that make consumers like me feel at ease and have faith in your products + looking forward for more. :D

I'm so happy to chance up on Motion Medica and never knew they would help my problematic skin a lot. I had tried many products in the past & most of them were not cheap yet none worked well for me. My skin has a tendency to get clogged very easily (hence unable to use sunblock) and is sensitive to certain ingredients (e.g paraben, hydroquinone & some others) probably due to harsh chemicals & treatments I used in the past. 

I really hope more people would get to know and benefit from Motion Medica products like I did. This is my honest feedback based on my personal experience in using Motion Medica :-)

Doraline Chua, Singapore


Hi Sandy, I absolutely love your products. All the cleansers simply are fantastic. They offer the combined benefit of the natural ingredients and the tremendous results of a medical treatment for acne and breakout control coupled with top skincare allowing the skin to absorb, revitalize and renew with each application. The Exfoliating Cleanser is a hit and I'm pleased with the almost instant results of radiant skin for all skin types. The moisturizers are luxurious by far.

It's great skincare for on-camera under makeup care and overnight treatment for my clients. 

 I'm impressed with your line.

Vanessa Elese
Celebrity Makeup Artist | Beauty Expert
Vanessa Elese Makeup, LLC
Emmy Award Winning Make-Up Artist, New York, NY

I've been using Motion Medica's products since 2006 and have never had more compliments on my skin! These products are the BEST for beautiful skin! I feel Motion Medica is perfect for my skin--primarily, the spa series Exfoliating Cleanser, Antioxidant Endorphin Rush Serum, Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser, Grapefruit Herbal Blemish Astringent (Acne Solutions), the Tough Competition Daily Moisturizer (amazing!), I'm loving the Seide Glanz Face & Eye Moisturizer!

I'm now using the Organic Honey Cleanser, Exfoliating Cleanser and the new  Charcoal Activated cleanserand LOVE them!

My skin looks radiant. I am addicted to Motion Medica for anything my lifestyle takes me. I admit I am a fanatic about my skin care regimen as I am my fitness regimen. I have been so thankful to be able to share my skin care secret with so many ladies around the world! A great big Thank You to Sandy for formulating this awesome line!

Monica Brant - Fitness Cover Model

I found your line from a friend who started using Motion Medica and after seeing beautiful results I decided to contact Sandy Alcide for product suggestion. I love the feel of the products and the smell of them. The post workout cleanser should be a summer beverage:) 

I haven't had to use my topical antibiotic and I've noticed the dryness from the Obagi is gone and my skin has a much better texture thanks to the Silk Radiance Moisturizer, Peptide Treatment and Retinol Creme. Thank you!  
Lynn Tallman- Redmon, OR

I'm always doing a lot of photo shoots and commercials. I need to be sure my skin is healthy and vibrant looking which is essential to my career. Since using Motion Medica my skin is vibrant and clear. I no longer worry about trapped dirt, dullness or worry about weathered looking skin. I've been using Motion Medica since 2006 and will never use another brand. I always recommend Motion Medica to my clients. Thanks Sandy!

Anthony Catanzaro - Fitness Professional, Author & Model

Hi Sandy,

The products (Botanical Acne Cleanser and Acne Solution Moisturizer) arrived within 2 days, which was faster than I expected. I absolutely love the products. My step-sister gave it to me as a gift for Christmas and my skin has improved so much. I was suffering from adult acne. Now my skin is clear and I'm confident about it that I rarely wear make-up! Thank you very much!

Whitney Mumbach-Hamburg, NY

Hi Sandy,

You are one of those people who encourages and cares about others. It shows in the products you craft and in the time you take to personally reach out to your customers about their skin concerns. 

I just want to thank you for your wonderful products. I have been searching for years for a more natural alternative to Proactiv, and your acne skincare line was the answer to my prayers.

I don't want to overwhelm you with details, but I would like to give you a little back story on my pitiful situation to demonstrate just how much you have helped me. I had great skin throughout most of my teens and into my early twenties. I was very active and lean. I taught aerobics and ran quite a bit. Then, I got thyroid disease, besides other side effects, my skin was a mess.

Once I began treatment, the acne remained so I began searching for solutions. This was about twelve years ago and Proactiv was emerging as this miracle treatment for acne. I tried it and it worked, but it created its own issues. My skin always looked red and blotchy and in the past year I believe that it was causing some premature wrinkling.

Over the years, I have tried expensive, more natural/organic products hoping that they could help me break away from Proactiv. However, all of them failed miserably. I would end up with huge cysts and bumps of every kind all over my poor face.

More natural/organic just wasn't worth it if I was too embarrassed to leave the house. So I would begrudgingly go back to Proactiv and the redness it caused. This cycle occurred many times over the years until I read an article on Monica Brant the fitness model, who always looks beautiful and healthy. She attributed her great skin to Motion Medica and its founder, Sandy Alcide.

It took me almost a year after reading that article to gather the courage to try Motion Medica because I was so tired of wasting time and money with expensive natural/organic skin care products. I am so thankful that I did give it a try.

Within a week of using the Motion Medica products, my skin was already looking better. Now, after a month, the redness and blotchiness is gone, my skin looks healthy and glowing, and best of all I'm using natural/organic products and not suffering from blemishes.

Ms. Alcide, I cannot thank you enough for your awesome products. I'm now a loyal customer, and walking advertisement, for life. Again, thank you for helping me to have beautiful, clear skin and a healthier life.

April Fry
Newport News, VA

Hi Sandy,

It’s long overdue for me to make my statement about Motion Medica’s products! I’ve been a customer now for many years and I can’t even begin to explain the difference in my skin. I had absolutely no skin care regimen most of my life.

I always assumed as a young girl that if I put lotion on my face it would make it more oily and I would break out! I jumped back & forth over the years using over-the-counter facial products. Sad to say, but it took me 40+ years to finally reach out and learn more about skin care.

I remember when I first sent you an email asking questions about your products, you asked me, “What is your skin care regimen? What do you use on your eyes?” I was embarrassed to respond with, “I have no regimen and I don’t use anything for my eyes!” You gently guided me in learning about my skin and that started my journey with Motion Medica. I absolutely love every product I’ve tried!

Thank you for recently helping me to get my pre-teenage son started on skin care and he’s seeing great results, too. I recommend Motion Medica without any reservations and with complete confidence every time I tell someone about them. Thanks to you, I have learned how to take care of my skin and the importance of it. Better late than never…. I turn 51 this year!

More importantly, you took the time to email and call me. You made me feel like I mattered and that I was your most important customer. That is something we don’t see much today in the business world. But, it meant the world to me and it’s just one more reason that I love Motion Medica! We’ve formed a sweet friendship over the last couple years and I’m so blessed to call you my friend.
Thanks for all that you do, Sandy!!

Carla Allen
Dripping Springs, TX

Hello Sandy,

When I discovered your site I was surprised and intrigued to see a skin care line come forth with the reality of the industry.

Having worked for a large skin care company in the past, I can tell you that you’re almost always getting the short end of the stick in regards to skin care products.

I can suggest to consumers not to be fooled – the cost is almost always a direct function of: 90% marketing, 9% bottle design costs, and 1% actual ingredients. I’m exaggerating for effect but basically you’re paying for the marketing of the product, not the cost of the ingredients.

It's great to have skin care products (Motion Medica) that is the complete opposite. Thank you! I have no problem helping other shoppers-but best to be anonymous :)

Hi Sandy!

When I went to my dermatologist for my follow-up, he actually complimented me on my skin when I told him what I was using he wanted to know more about it. He then advised me to continue using Motion Medica because it's working!

I was just telling my fiance that I absolutely need to write you. First, a big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. And, an even bigger hug along with the brightest smile.

Your skin care products helped my skin TREMENDOUSLY! I can't even begin to tell you how horrible my breakouts made me feel. After trying thousands of "failure grade" products that promised me my one desire; which was to have clear skin, I was honestly hesitant and skeptical to try your Motion Medica.

I still can't believe it! I am actually confident again to talk to people looking them straight in the eye, where before I really didn't, because I felt like they were looking at my acne and not me. I lacked self confidence but not any more.

I'll do my first fitness competition this year and will feel confident on stage! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel blessed to have people like you in my life, who are real, dedicated and very genuine in helping others.

Roxanne Thaler Dobbs Ferry, NY

Hi Sandy, My husband, Jordan Rapp, is now a fan of your products too. My husband and I both love your No Time To Shower Botanical Mist and the Spa Series Exfoliating Cleanser. I love the Green Tea Antioxidant Serum, it's nice and light and does not clog my pores or make my skin feel greasy. When my skin tends to get dry my staple moisturizer is the Silk Radiance Moisturizer. My favorite cleanser is the Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser. I'm also loving the Organic Honey Cleanser for my facial wash when skin tends to feel dry from a lot of swimming. Thank you!

Jill Savege Professional Triathlete Gold Metal Winner Pan Am Games

I am in love with Motion Medica products. I started using Motion Medica 2 years ago. I was a little worried ordering products on-line that I could not see in person, but once I contacted Sandy to ask a few questions I had no hesitation on how to use the products, and for once I felt like I knew how to use products I was buying. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Acne Solution Daily Moisturizer, the improved Exfoliating Cleanser and the Silk Radiance moisturizer for my eye area. Thank you so much Sandy for such a wonderful, fresh, natural line of products and caring so much about your customers!!

Melissa Transou-Lighthouse, FL

Hi Sandy! I have used many different products over the years, from the most expensive, to drug store brands. Unfortunately, none gave the results they promised.

In addition, I began reading labels and wondering "just what AM I putting on my skin"? Not an easy task, but I started looking for a skin care line that was natural, good for my skin, and cost effective. I FINALLY FOUND IT! Reading one of my favorite magazines, I discovered Motion Medica. I began reading about your products and was curious if these products actually did what they said.

Well, here I am writing to tell you that they most certainly do! Motion Medica is the BOMB! The Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser is a fitness gals' or guys' best friend, and it's perfect for those of us who need to cleanse a little more often than most people! The Silk Radiance Moisturizer leaves my skin so soft like silk. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin.

An added bonus, I can read every ingredient listed. All are natural, pure, gentle ingredients. the improved Exfoliating Cleanser does exactly what it says! I love it and I only have to use three times a week. The Botanical Astringent Cleanser is great for my fair, sensitive skin and the Vitamin C serum makes my skin glow. Thank you so much!

Sandy, I will be a Motion Medica client for life.

Merlinda Swearingen Norfolk VA, Navy Wife & Mom.

I am VERY impressed with the Motion Medica products. My acne prone skin that I battled with looks great and most importantly the products are organic without harsh chemicals. All the acne products are great!

Kristin Puglissi, Middle Island, NY

Hi Sandy! I've used Motion Medica for several years and my skin is 100% better than when I first e-mailed you.

The products are superb and exceptional, the real deal without the frills! These products are a skin saver! And now my husband is using them and loves them too!

Amanda DeLauter, Woodbridge, VA

(2010)"Hi Sandy! I was having skin issues because of sweating so much with training. I was blessed to be introduced to Sandy Alcide at a Wellness Workshop in New York. I have used soooooo many products on my skin, so of course I started with a bunch of samples of Motion Medica to be sure. Well, I'm HOOKED! and wanna tell the world (check out my blog).

All of the cleansers have astringents in them which saves me time. My favorite cleanser is the Unwavering Determination Daily Cleanser for my sensitive skin. I am "Skin-Joying Motion Medica". Thanks Sandy.

(2015) Hey Sandy, I am loving the softness of my winter skin in only 2 weeks of using the Exfoliating Cleanser and the Botanical Astringent Cleanser. The Stellar Performance PW Cleanser is DA BOMB! Meaning I love it :)

Joyce Vanseters President of Physique Models LLC

Hi Sandy,

I’m not one to gush & I have NEVER emailed a company about a product before – but I’m on day 2 of using your range & I honestly can’t believe the difference – it’s instant!

My skin is already calmer, looking clearer & feels absolutely amazing. I’ve tried EVERYTHING for my skin over the past 20 odd years & had recently embarked on “as chemical a free as possible” life – so this range fits perfectly.

So far so good. Thank you! I’m genuinely shocked. This will be one less thing for me to stress over.

Thank you, Esther Watson Wynyard Somercotes, Derbyshire United Kingdom

Hi Sandy,

I am absolutely LOVING your products! I tend to be a product junkie and am so pleased with the results that I have even stopped using my other top brands since getting Motion Medica. I tend to have acne-prone skin (mainly hormonal breakouts) with larger pores and blackheads in the t-zone area and it seems along with my exercise regimen more oil production leaving me with more clogged pores on the back area as well.

I run a lot outside and have found your products to be very calming and clearing to my skin and have not even found the need to use a skin brush or washcloth, just my hands. I feel even better knowing that there are no harsh chemicals used, which I am sure is doing my skin a huge favor! What a blessing!

Thank you for what you do I have had such success with Motion Medica and I am very excited to be part of the product tester panel!

Amanda Roland Norcross, GA

Hi Sandy!!!

I'm spreading the word about Motion Medica, or should I say the word is spreading about what new products made my face so clear and healthy!

I have had comments from my friends......"Whatever you are using, it's working. Your skin looks soooo clear!" "What are you doing to different to your face? It looks sooo much better....Motion Medica? I'm going to e-mail Sandy tonight!" "I love the Motion Medica cleansers you have in your bathroom, I'm going to buy them".

Thank you again for your advice with my skin care regimen, I'm so glad I found Motion Medica. :)

Proud Motion Medica supporter, Adrianne SGT Adrianne Batris, San Antonio, TX


Thank you for making the beautiful products you do. Five years ago I discovered Motion Medica and its by far the most superior skin care line I have ever experienced.

I simply can not live without my Botanical Astringent Cleanser and after a heavy, sweaty workout the Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser-they are both fantastic!. There isn't a day I don't use them.

I have very sensitive skin and your products are the only ones that I continue to use to keep my skin looking its best. I have used MANY different products over the years and have spent a ton of money on "promises". Simply stated, yours "ARE THE BEST". You have something for everyone.

Sandy, your commitment to quality and providing people with a beautiful selection of healthy skin care products, is like no other. Thank you :)

Dana Nicholas- Burlington, Canada

Hi Sandy,

I am loving your products. Honestly, my skin has never looked better.

I really love the Vitamin C Serum, Exfoliating Cleanser, Honey Cleanser, Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser and the Activated Charcoal Cleanser. My daughter Tara loves the Acne Solution Daily Moisturizer and acne cleanser.

I've been using Motion Medica for over six years now and highly recommend Motion Medica to all people who want clean healthy skin.

Seven years on, and I'm still happy with Motion Medica. There's nothing else like it. Here's to continued success, Sandy! Thank you!

Bev Francis Syosset, NY

Hi Sandy,

I've been using the Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser and Exfoliating Cleanser religiously after workouts and cardio.,  the Acne Solutions moisturizer , Green Tea Antioxidant serum and the Retinol Night Creme. I haven't had a breakout at all, my skin glows, no irritation and no dryness-none!!! I love your products-they are awesome! Thanx!

Amy Pulliam-Carlsbad, CA

Sandy, first of all, I really appreciate your personal attention clearly explaining each individual product, and which products to use specifically for my personal regimen.

As a personal trainer, my appearance very important. We spend so much time with our diet and exercise routine, we should also take the same amount of effort protecting our skin.

I have tried several products, but Motion Medica is by far the best out there. I noticed while using previous products, my skin was feeling oily and greasy later in the day - not since switching to Motion Medica.

Your products go A LONG WAY , which I am impressed with. The scents are not too strong, yet pleasant and refreshing. I think the best way to describe switching to your products is how you feel eating a clean and healthy diet--you just feel better! You feel more confident when you have healthy skin.

Sandy, thanks again for all of your help. Not only are your products amazing but so are you!

Ryan Allen Parker, CO

My wife bought a 2 oz. bottle of the Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser and I was impress that after each was, my skin is still very moisture. Especially I have skin eczema problem, so far most facial wash I used will cause my skin to dry up which will peel even if I apply moisturizer. But this Stellar Performance PW Cleanser is amazing, it doesn't dry up the skin and some how keeping it moist at the same time!!! Thank you.

Ang Choon Meng, Singapore

Well Sandy, you did it again. I was guilty of using LaMer for $145.00. I CAN NOT BELIEVE the results of the Silk Radiance moisturizer and the Vitamin C Serum withe Retinol and Peptide Treatment. Thank you Sandy for giving me the extra benefit of having beautiful glowing skin and your mentoring and the Honey Cleanser leaves my skin so soft and it's all natural for my hyper sensitive skin.

Rosanne Beller, New York, NY

Seeking the most extreme conditions to train in quenches my thirst for athletic challenges but exposes my skin to severe elements. Motion Medica's Stellar Performance PW Cleanser and the new Vitamin C Serum gives me confidence to push the limits and get fierce without having to worry my skin will suffer. Refreshing botanicals prevent bacteria build up and soothe wind ravaged skin restoring balance to reflect a radiant glow! Not only did I see almost immediate results from the products, I deliberately work up a sweat now because I know there is an effective and invigorating treat awaiting me. After a vigorous, circulation boosting cardio workout, it feels amazing to exfoliate and cleanse with the Exfoliating Cleanser!


1) On heavy training days I use the Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser.

2) Followed with the ultimate war paint, Motion Medica's Green Tea Antioxidant Serum and Silk Radiance face & Eye Moisturizer.


1) When I need a total makeover, I will use the Stellar Performance and the Exfoliating Cleanser followed by the Peptide Treatment (like a buff and a polish). Living down under the sun is relentless at times, which is why I won't leave home without my antioxidant serums and I also love the gentle Botanical Astringent Cleanser , leaving it on for 5 minutes after washing (great for pores).

2) For true indulgence I use the Honey Cleanser and Peptide Treatment which leaves my skin soft as silk.

There is nothing better than being physical and using Motion Medica for that healthy glow inside and out!I've been using Motion Medica for over five years and will never need another skin care line.

Inga Yandell-Chief Editor of Bare Essentials Magazine (Australia)

I was using department store brands for years until I was introduced to Motion Medica with my facial. Before I went for my facial I happened to come from Bloomingdale's after buying my skin care products. I thought maybe it was the combination of the facial and Motion Medica that was used on my skin that I noticed a huge difference with my skin. But after purchasing Motion Medica and using it for only a week my skin felt and looked amazing and my friends even noticed the difference with my skin. I went back to Bloomy's and returned the products. I've been using Motion Medica ever since and will never go back to using Clinique. It's awesome and love the money I've been saving -:) Thank you!

Madeline Torres Blom


My skin improved and cleared up! My face is looking better every day!

Thank you, Sandy. I love Motion Medica!

Katie Williams Schmidt

Dear Sandy,

I love the Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser! It smells amazing, leaves my skin moisturized, smooth with a fabulous clean glow! The Green Tea Antioxidant Serum really helps my skin look great in the harsh climate during my deployment.  I have been using all of your Motion Medica products in the United States and during my deployment to Afghanistan for over a year.

These products work fantastic against the elements and different climate conditions. My skin always glows and looks great with a healthy natural shine.

Thank you Sandy. You are a God send miracle. These products are the best in price, quality and results. I recommend to anyone to try Motion Medica. The only regret is not trying sooner.

May God Bless you, your family and loved ones.

SGT Linda Baez, APO AE

Sandy, you do not just talk about it....You actually DO IT! Above & Beyond. You stay true to your promises.

I love the Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser and the Exfoliating Cleanser they make my skin feel sooooooo clean. I always follow every cleanse with my Vitamin C Serum, Peptide Treatment and Acne Solution moisturizer and my skin has an awesome healthy glow. The skin looks super great for the camera.

The new Activated Charcoal Cleanser makes my skin feel and look polished with an awesome glow! After a shower my skin smells and feels clean without the dryness. I never skip a day using my Motion Medica products. Thanks Sandy for taking the time with my skin care regimen. (Loved our time when you came for a visit in CA. with me, looking forward to it again).

Bridgett "Baby Doll" Riley.  Professional Stunt Actress, featured in Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby.

I have really enjoyed using Motion Medica's products. The scents are great, not overwhelming at all. The products slide on or wash off easily. Nothing was irritating on my sensitive skin.

If you're looking for an all natural skin care line that does not test on animals, use mineral oil, artificial dyes or fragrances, high pressure sales tactic Motion Medica might be just what you're looking for.

Sandy Alcide, a facialist and founder of the company provides the most amazing customer service. She will assist the customer in finding the exact products to create their own personal skin care routine.

Shelley Donohue, Editor In Chief - Portland Fitness Examiner

I've worked with Sandy Alcide on many levels for many years. Sandy's high level of professionalism is what keeps me motivated to continue a strong business relationship with her. I will continue to refer clients to her skin care products because she is extremely knowledgeable and offers sound advice in her field of expertise.

Carmen Garcia Model, Actress & Educator 

I use Motion Medica fitness products because athlete's have specific skin care needs (we sweat and shower more than the average bear) and Motion Medica is finally addressing this issue with the Stellar Performance PW Cleanser. Thanks!

Heidi Swift Cyclist & Author of Grit & Glimmer

Dear Sandy,

Thank you for thinking of us men with your Stellar Performance PW Cleanser. Really does the job.


Stu Keefe Staffordshire, England

It isn't easy to get the Naturally Intense stamp of approval, but Motion Medica deserves it!

Kevin Richardson Published Author & founder of Naturally Intense New York, NY

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for giving me my self confidence back! Before my facials with you and using Motion Medica I was struggling with acne for years. After only using Motion Medica for 2 weeks, my best friend told me if she never knew me before I had acne she would of never known I had it at all.

I was using lots of different acne cleansers that were drying my skin or just didn't clear my skin from Burt's Bees to Arbonne.

I also want to thank you for all the money I am saving because I need so little products.

Sandy, I love the Botanical Acne Cleanser and the Acne Solutions Moisturizer! No breakouts and my skin is soft, soft, soft without feeling oily Yay! Love it and thanks for the great prices.

Brittany Baum, Rocky Point, New York

Hi Sandy,

A quick thanks for saving my dry skin with the long winter runs. Took your advice and don't use petroleum jelly as  cold weather protection . No more clogged pores with Silk Radiance Face and Eye area moisturizer.

Sandy, thanks for the new Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser. Its great-really. You nailed it with a cleanser really made for after a heavy workout sweat. Carry on....

Jimmy Mulligan - Glen Cove, New York