Peptide Treatment Lotion
with CoQ10-Ubiquinone


Given the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, 
are caused by a breakdown of collagen and elastin;
proteins give your skin strength and
elasticity, and slow down cellular turnover. 

Peptides encourage fibroblasts to increase production of
collagen while decreasing the breakdown of existing collagen. 

Peptides help to
reduce surface areas of wrinkles and
contribute to thickening of the epidermis
by promoting collagen renewal. 

Key Ingredients:

Palmitoyl Oilgopeptide - This peptide helps to protect
skin's collagen from the effects
of UVA rays (the number one cause of wrinkles),
and contributes to thickening
of the epidermis by promoting collagen renewal.

Additionally formulated with
CoQ10 - Ubiquinone, a vitamin nutrient that resides
in themitochondrial cell membrane.
Coenzyme Q is known for its cellular energy source.

Japanese Green Tea, an effective anti-oxidant.
Squalene, plant source found in olives. 
Squalene provides softness in skin
while replacing necessary oils.

This product has been compared to department store brands 
selling at $150.00 for 1.7 oz. with better or same results. 

What this product does not do: Give "instant, "quick" results. 
Takes up to 3-4 weeks to see results.

This is a light-weight, quick absorbing creme
that needs to be used with a moisturizer.
You must use this product twice on a daily basis for results.
Once in the morning and night. 
Do not skip any days.
If you skip days product will not work effectively. 

No parabens, artificial fragrance.
Natural light scent of Lemongrass Essential Oil. 

1.7 oz.


Use twice daily after cleansing and before daily moisturizer.  
Use only once a day if acne prone.

Active Ingredients:

Patmitoyl Oligopeptide, CoQ10-Ubiquinone, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (vitamin C), Squalane, Includes botanical extracts of Chamomile and Japanese Green Tea and Vitamin E.
Natural light scent of Lemon Grass Essential Oil.