Organic Body Lotion
with Honeysuckle Extracts

"I LOVE the this body cream. It goes on well, it smells great,
and it doesn't
leave my skin feeling sticky or clammy
like other body lotions.
My skin feels great after I use it." - Kimberly Wibbenmeyer, Perryville, MO

Pure Ingredients - No Water 

Indulge yourself with this air-whipped body creme
for hydration and softness.

This luxurious crème is no lightweight when it comes to
moisturizing without a greasy after feel.

Creamy smooth texture absorbs quickly
into your skin to hydrate dry, dehydrated skin.
Softness and moisture lasts all day. 

Super–enriched with plant-powered ingredients without useless water.
Meets modern green chemistry for a serene moisturizing experience.

Nourishes your skin using concentrated organic botanicals
for soothing and softening, healing astringents and antioxidants
together with Sunflower Seed Oil (softens & protects),
Shea Seed Butter (nourishes & protects) and Rice Bran Oil for ultra softness.

Safe for sensitive skin. Beneficial treat for your skin after a shower.

Natural scent of our signature uplifting organic citrus essential oil blend of
Allantoin, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Litsea, Mandarin, Sweet Orange
and botanical extracts. 

Why our customers love it:

Also find it healing for dry hands.

Love the creamy, light texture and feels luxurious when applied on their skin.

No greasy after-feel and has a long lasting effect on body and hands.

It softens dry patches, making them softer and smoother.

Does not irritate skin after shaving. Loves how it softens and calms the skin.

Customers with mature skin type find it to improve the so called "chicken-looking" skin.

Moisturizes and calms problematic skin for those with eczema and sun damaged skin.

Love the scent. It's uplifting and "delicious" smelling but not over-powerful.

$23.99 8fl. oz.


Massage into clean towel dried skin.
Spread a thin layer for faster absorption.


*(Cucumber) Peel extract (soothing & softening), *Chamomile Flower extract (soothing & anti-inflammatory), Calendula Flower (healing, astringent, anti-inflammatory)*Fennel Fruit extract (restorative & antioxidant), *Honeysuckle extract (anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory), *(Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice (healing, nutrient rich), *(Rice) Bran Oil (softens & protects), *Sunflower Seed Oil (softens & protects), *(Shea) Seed Butter (nourishes & protects), Stearic, Caprylic and Lauric Acid Sodium Lactate, Potassium Sorbate, *Vitamin E, *Essential Oil Blend of Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Peel, Sweet Orange Peel, Mandarin, Litsea, Lime, Xanthum Gum.


Skin Type:

All Skin Types That Love Body Crème.

“I always loved body creams and used all sorts of pricey brands from specialty boutique stores. This is the best body cream I have ever used for my skin. It absorbs right into my skin and I only need to apply it the next day after I get out of shower. I’ve been using it every day. Love it!” – Peggy Darling, W. Hampton, NY

“For years I used body cremes from Bath and Body Works. I realized the first ingredient was water but didn’t think much of it until I used Motion Medica’s without all the artificial stuff. Not only does this whipped body crème work better but I need to buy less of it. I truly am in love with this cream and it does everything it says it does. I LOVE the uplifting scent too. Not over powering like fragrance scents.” - Kory Ackerman, Canyon Lake, CA