Sandy AlcideMotion Medica botanical skin care provides customers luxury botanical skin care they deserve without extravagant prices. The vision was to start a company that would base its success with top quality products, staying true to what is promised with great customer care, respect and courtesy.

The intention is to never compromise ideals. Traditional values that seem to have been lost in our modern society.

I aim to please and will always continue to.

-Sandy Alcide, Founder Motion Medica skin care


Understanding the needs and desires of today's savvy consumer
comes easily to Sandy Alcide. She is a licensed Esthetician
with advanced certifications 
in anti-aging, acne disorders,
physiology and anatomy of skin, certified
oncology skin care therapist,
cosmetic BioChemist and published author.

She's been providing skin health and beauty advice 
to many devotees for years.
Through this constant communication with clients
and peers, Sandy Alcide realized a
a need for natural, effective, accessible
skincare solutions.

Designing her own formulas while working with
other credible scientists,
conceived and founded Motion Medica skin care
over a decade ago.

Her products and advice are used by no-nonsense clients
needed to achieve healthy, beautiful skin
without any cheap synthetic ingredients. Motion Medica
blends skin rejuvenation with problem solving remedies.

This exclusive, professionally formulated and tested line of 
affordable and effective skin care solutions is 
what your skin is looking for.

Now you can treat yourself without paying lavish prices.


Products are free of: 
cheap synthetic ingredients
artificial fragrance
formaldahyde donors
ingredients are earth friendly 
products are highly concentrated --
with active ingredients, not fillers
no animal testing

The products are proudly made in the USA,
with no mass production methods.
Nothing is outsourced to China. 

Simple packaging is used to keep costs low,
which is passed on to the customer. 

All botanicals are purchased from American and Canadian
farmers/distributors and our supplies are purchased
from American manufacturers. 

Herbal ingredients are cold pressed, not chemically extracted.

Light weight, plastic BPA free bottles and jars are provided,
without extra packaging and the earth appreciates this too.

You'll purchase quality luxury botanical skin care for under $100.00.
With pure ingredients you can pronounce.

Our prices and quality can not be surpassed.

All FDA guidelines and regulations are followed. 
Each product is made fresh in small batches that undergo time-tested 
and labor intensive methods to ensure the highest possible quality.

You'll find a lot of helpful product
information and feel assured
you have found the right products for you,
your family and friends.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help
selecting products for your skin type,
or just need answers to any questions.

Your products are an unqualified success. ---
Dr. John Daniels, Redfern, New South Wales, Australia

We provide you the finest botanical skin care in the world. Order with confidence.  If you are not fully satisfied, for any reason, just return your products within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. For complete details, please visit our no hassle Return Policy page.